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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Tropical Wave in the Carib & A Wave Over Africa

I came on here tonight to blog about the above pictured wave that was supposed to crash onto the South American coast but that pulled north far enough for us to be using the Puerto Rico option to view the wave.

It's a big, round, ball of convection noticeable from anywhere on any satellite you have chosen for your viewing pleasure. Sort of looks like a beach ball doesn't it?

Did show some signs of rudimentary rotation earlier in the day but has been battling strong head winds that are traditionally in place this time of the year to protect the nice tourists traveling through the beautiful Caribbean islands. If Bastardi's father blesses Haiti for protecting the United States the Chamber of Commerce of Aruba, Jamaica and Oh I Want to Take Ya should bless the seasonal shear for keeping developed storms out of the Eastern Caribbean.

Sometimes though storms pull north enough to miss the shear.
Other times.. like now there is shear and mixing of various air masses and an upper level low that is worth watching as I think it has been tugging and nudging the Tropical Wave north and what does not kill it can only make it stronger.

But..the odds are against our fair little Tropical Wave aka Beach Ball but it is worth a mention.

While I am mentioning things late at night I might mention the incredibly, beautiful, big wave over Africa that takes your breath away when looking at the Late Night HIRES Sat... (no... not going to play the rains over Africa song ;) promise... listening to something else but yeah...

When you have this sort of choo choo train coming off of Africa and making it in Mid June all the way to the islands... it is a pattern that compels you to keep watching..

Nice picture... come on SNO.. you remember what John Hope always said about that Beach on Dakar... woo woo choo choo... The Africa Wave Train season does not begin until the waves gain enough latitude that they can come off Africa and roll off the beach just where this early season wave is rollin'

A funky little tune for SNONUT to see what he can remember about Wave Trains! ;)

Yeah.. it's a little weird to watch that video on youtube but.. it's a little weird to see such good quality waves in a year with a strong high, low dust and hot water temps.

Besos Bobbi


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