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Friday, June 06, 2008

Tropical Vacation!

Having a small vacation here from hurricanes and the tropics.

Shavous is coming up. It's a Jewish Holiday on Monday and Tuesday when we eat things like Cheesecake and Ice Cream and other dairy delights.

Have to make some sort of hurricane treat... not sure what.

But, the tropics are quiet and the lion sleeps tonight.

Will come on Sunday and say something profound or inspiring, maybe I'll find some music or a good loop for tonight... all's quiet on the Atlantic Front.

Except that wave of course.. crossing, wrong time, right place. Oh well..

Besos Bobbi :)
Ps Any suggestions for menus or types of cheesecake feel free to send them.
Maybe I'll make some chocolate skippy peanut butter cheesecake .. hahaha!
Welcome back to YKW


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