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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Too Darn Hot! Happy Father's Day!!

Very hot in Miami and elsewhere this Father's Day so... figured I'd post a cute dance routine with a very young Ann Miller in a really cool pair of tap shoes, tapping her way through the hearts of men way back then and my father... LOVED her always so..

This is for you Daddy and...

for Jim at Hurricane City because he puts up with all of us acting like children on a regular basis, every year while we wait for something to twist and track across the basin and personally I think we all owe him a present for putting up with us and all the work he does for his fans at Hurricane City :)

So while we are down memory lane here... another song from a movie my father liked and I used to love to dance to below... gosh so many of Marilyn's songs that we knew from movies on TV played by Channel 6 incessantly over and over in the old days were so much fun to dance and sing to on hot summer days growing up in Miami when we would make Summer Theater shows in the carport for the neighborhood boys when they weren't playing baseball in the street or hiding from Afternoon Thunderstorms.. I wasn't much of a singer but the guys always enjoyed watching me dance :)

Love you all and a special shout out to CJ for being getting to enjoy Father's Day and to all the men and great guys at Hurricane City!

Happy Father's Day!

And... it's too damn Hot!


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