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Friday, June 13, 2008

Rainy Miami Day - Tropical Beach Ball Blown Away But the ITCZ Remains

Rained all day in Miami today. Off and on or should I say on and off?

Drove to work towards the rain.

Saw some pretty poinciana trees in bloom

Got to work.. went to the post office and saw Round Two building again...

Got home... brother called there was a cell with a tornado warning to my south..

Okay...either that or a nuclear device went off.... Haha. Was a joke.
Watch the loop fast and you can see for yourself.. Poof..
Gone with the Wind:

Okay so seriously.... the big tropical beach ball bounced away blown off by strong upper level winds.

The whole pattern is very volatile in ways, windy ways... frontal boundaries converging and a whole lot of mixing going on.

So... what lesson do I want you to take from this beautiful, rainy day when the temps cooled off so much that I turned off the AC and opened the windows and am sitting here feeling the breeze or maybe down drafts...

Something to think on... look at the color all around the globe in the region known as the tropics...

The ITCZ inter tropical convergence zone is so alive and kicking that it circles the earth today and when you see such an active strong ITCZ you know storms will form when the water temps warm up in a few weeks and around that time shear lessens at the gateway to the Caribbean and the season will have a fast and furious start this year.

So..hang onto your weather, enjoy your thunderstorms or pray for it to rain or stop raining or just enjoy what you got because when 2008 is over a bunch of people may not have what they got right now after a Cane makes landfall somewhere along our tropical hurricane coastline.

Not hyping but unless something changes soon the stage is set for a wild ride in 2008!

Have a great weekend everyone and check back in a few days when something official may be brewing besides Cafe Con Leche!

Besos Bobbi
Ps. since we are doing Johnny Cash this week... it's really a Ring of Moisture but looks like fire on the IR.. so enjoy. And, NO..I am not gonna play a Boy Named Sue! Promise ;)


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