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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tropical Storm Arthur Forms --- 1st Storm of a Busy Season

Tropical Storm Arthur formed today ...over land .. it seems which is a new one for me but am sure it's happened before. Not often, but once or twice. Some storm back in the 1800s I believe.

Short post here with a big thought to think on..

Just how busy is the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season going to be... because the last time a Tropical Storm formed in May in this general area according to was in 1933. Similar storm... May, on the edge there and moved in... moved back (as Arthur may do) and then they came... one after another in a year to rival 95 and 96 and that year a few years ago when we ended up doing the Greek Alphabet!!

Below is the storm that Wunderground compared it to for forming in the same area, same time, yadi yadi yadi as some people say:

So... will 2008 be that busy? I think you can bet on it.

Weak shear so far.
Warm water temps that are likely to reach bathtub levels in a few months.
Waves off Africa beginning a wave train.
Dust levels in the Atlantic low compared to the last few years.

And, a strong frontal boundary off the Carolinas and Virginia that could pull storms towards the Mid-Atlantic as well as criss-cross Florida a few times just for fun!

Get ready, cause here they come, because June was not too soon this year!

Only time will tell but I'll be here blogging and tracking online with my weather friends and family.

Besos Bobbi

Ps Neil Frank took one hell of a year to decide to retire!

Check out 1933!


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