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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tropical Roundup... Epac, Global Warming and The Gang At Hurricane City..

So... going to stay as topically tropical as I can tonight as we edge closer to the start of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

For anyone who wants to participate in a countdown... you can sit like many Hurricane City Fans do and stare blurry eyed at the counter that even if you blink keeps counting down the minutes... you don't have to refresh, you don't have to do anything but sit blurry eyed and count quietly, 60, 59, 58, 57...

Hey.. someone's gotta do it. It's like if you aren't watching the Red Sox play from your perch in bed staring at the boob tube someone in a fancy seat at Fenway Park may burp or have a small seizure and for one brief moment they won't be wishing the Red Sox to win.. so that is where the person at home in their Red Sox jammies rooting for them to win takes over.. It's like there should be a category for "saves" and..

Oh... opps, sort of kind of off topic but well... seeing how there are sooo many weather fans up on the Cape.. waiting for Cape Verde Storms to pop it's all related in some big, strange, larger than life way...and when you sing Sweet Caroline this September know this Carolina that somewhere there may be a Cape Verde Storm with your name on it... so sing away... stare away... obsess with the best of us..

Currently, 13 days, 3 hours and 34 minutes and counting

In the EPac... or as some like to call it the East Pacific.. off the west coast of Mexico and Central America (I know that is soooo complicated) there is an area that could become tropical in a few days. Look in the SW Caribbean and see where there is tropical moisture that rather than getting caught up in a really cool Southwesterly flow it will probably cross over to the East Pacific and off the West Coast of Central America it could develop. Are you going cross eyed? If you need a rest... check in at hurricane city to watch the count down and relax your eyes and mind..

But... the GFS model DOES show something forming in the Epac in the short or rather the middle term. It also shows possible development in our part of the world but as I have been trained not to trust models 15 days out... let's concentrate on the part of the world where the party has begun... and storms form and slip slide away to cooler waters rarely causing any real pain anywhere.
Watch the moisture, watch where it goes... watch the dark dry high and watch the white rain falling somewhere far away from me today..

Next... look at that picture on the top and notice how HOT and DRY it is over Florida... that is not a Bermuda High as much as a a mid Caribbean/Western Atlantic Tropical High setting up which makes me wonder if this season storms will go over or under...and whether the Caribbean will again be under the gun and possibly... if a storm makes it across at a high enough latitude and on just the right sunday the high moves aside... and trofs keep coming down a storm could get up towards the Carolinas.

Today's high was in competition for the previous all time high for this date in Miami which was back in 1989... can anyone say Victor Hugo and Les Miserables three times fast??

Just something to think on and keep in the back of your pretty little minds.. don't say I didn't warn you.

Lastly, as always...there is a great debate ongoing on global warming that continues to heat up the stratosphere with lots of hot air and angry energy as meteorologists and lay people swear they know everything about birthing hurricanes and why there will be less hurricanes (because of increased shear) and yet..those that make the grade will be Category Six storms..

Someone is right, someone is wrong and in this crazy mixed up world we live in they are probably both wrong and right in different ways.

Stay tuned... lot's of hot air out there and if the oceans heat up as much as this topic we will have something to watch in the Tropics real soon ...

AOL Main Page... one of the most beautiful pictures of a hurricane I have seen in a while.. would make a great poster..

Reuters story:
(picture NOT as good but who reads articles for the pictures huh?)

And... I bid you adieu so that I can go back to to stare at the clock and see if Chris or Target or Mike had something more to say on the message board.

A BIG... BIG... BIG Thank you to Jim Williams at Hurricane City for his great coverage of his trip to NC/VA with Bill and good to see footage of Bill at home in his weather studio... holding down the fort as he so often does while Jim is away with his day job ;) You are both amazing...

13 Days, 3 hours and 10 minutes... and counting...


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