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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ramma Sun - Up Close and Personal

There is nothing like staring into the eye of a Cane... Cyclone or any other Tropical Storm by any other name especially when it is a Cat 5!

Ramma Sun is out there spinning tonight in the far away Pacific Ocean. It has hopefully peaked out at 150 mph winds as it spins in the sea almost perfectly ... a very beautiful and powerful storm. Hopefully... no guarantees .. it will stay to the north of the Philippines and to the South of Japan and re-curve gracefully out to sea or die a cold, quiet death in cooler waters. You never know for sure but personally I'm glad it's over there and not over here bearing down on Key West or some other closer tropical port of call.

The world could use a rest this week from volcanoes and hurricanes and twisters that go bump or pop in the middle of the night.

Been a long week for Planet Earth and something tells me it's not over yet.

I've always said that Category 3 Hurricanes are the most photogenic but in the cast of Ramma Sun I may make an exception... stunning.


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