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Friday, May 30, 2008

NRL Invest on Area in the Atlantic! 1st of the Year!

As the sun sets.... and as Channel 6 in Miami does there "Start of the Hurricane Special" on TV to show and remind the Miamians "how to prepare for a hurricane" the NRL posts an Invest for the Atlantic... or more specifically the Caribbean ... or more specifically Gulf of Honduras... or well... I got to go and get ready for the Jewish Sabbath!

Check it out yourself!

I know I've been a bit quiet today. Fighting off one of those summer like colds we all get in Miami and probably caught from my daughter but I love her anyway.

Tired. So tired. So looking forward to Shabbos and some good quality rest.

So... check it out. The season has pretty well started officially when the Navy puts up an Invest so... here we go with another round of Tropical Trouble jumping the gun on the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Wave train is already in place off of Africa, water temperatures hotter than I have seen them in a while and shear relatively low. Even the dust has settled down so... could be a hurricane season to remember so get out your hurricane maps, guides and go buy your hurricane supplies because it may just be a very busy year!

Besos Bobbi
Good Shabbos... as the sun sets on my part of the world and on our very first tropical NRL Invest! Click on Atlantic.

For updates go to: and and the always wonderful Skeetobite for more info, loops, sats and pics. I'll be back after Shabbos on Saturday night and we will see how intense the invest is and where the models think it will go if anywhere. IF it does develop and do something.. kudos to the GFS Model!


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