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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Miami Round Up of Hurricane News...

Good article on the whole subject of drones being used... however there have been problems with the FAA I believe. Politics on a governmental level I would think could get worked out but ... well, something to read if you need to catch up on your Shakespeare weather wise...

Next... the possible system in the Carib is still possible later in the forecast period. In People Speak that means.. watch just south of Cuba for something to spin up suddenly around May 30th or May 31st just in time for some good media coverage!

Watching this loop for the last half an hour.. my world seems blurry for some reason ;)

Epac aka Eastern Pacific has it's very first Invest of the Season..check it out.. Shear from that should keep things in the SW Carib quiet for a few days anyway!
(Click on East Pacific 90E.Invest) my world.. I'm HOME! Really HOME!
Palm Trees! Clouds and a view of the horizon!!

The Outer Banks were beautiful, really beautiful especially standing on Kill Devil Hills on top of the monument and feeling the air and wind and imaging what it must have been like way back when a team of Brothers set the world upside down by flying right side up and out across the dunes. I saw friends, spent quality time with loved ones and had a good time. North Carolina is as always a warm, friendly place with genuinely nice folks who enjoy talking about a real diversity of weather. But...nothing like Biscayne Bay on a May day when the water is aquamarine and beautiful.

So..that is it for me... heard a lot about Isabel and enjoyed the view from the Black Pelican and enjoyed the Bodie Lighthouse immensely...and of course those Noreasters that are soooo much worse than hurricanes.

Oh...and I had someone there tell me how that area really doesn't get hit that much as they either curve off shore or they slam into South Carolina... :) giggle.. right, like Savannah and Jacksonville I guess.

Love you all.. stay tuned for more news on the first storm of the season possibly in the Epac and more news on possible development in our neck of the woods.

Speaking of Shakespeare..did you ever notice that man was one heck of a Weather Nut!

Besos Bobbi
Ps.. pics tomorrow..


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