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Friday, May 09, 2008

I can feel it...

The Miami Rainy Season is going to come on real soon... any day, perhaps next week while some lady is out doing carpool or getting her nails done or reading about some new hot Dolphin Player who actually signed a contract and is in mini camp or training camp or some camp other than "holding out camp" and... soon the rains will begin.

It's 8am...there is this tickle of heat on the back of my neck and a blazingly, bright sun and little attempts by clouds to form before they get blown away on an eastward breeze.

Soon... trust me. First comes rain, then comes waves... then comes the Hurricane Season.

Will look for some graphics and songs to illustrate my point later.. right now I am listening to the birds chirping outside telling me it's Spring and Spring has pretty darn near sprung into summer.

Hot Besos Bobbi


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