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Friday, May 23, 2008

Hot and Relaxed in North Carolina

Very hot here.. Why did I bring jeans? Maybe I will get to use that bathing suit though i've been told outer banks is not so warm yet.

Anyway... on vacation... just saying hello... a lot of pines here, I mean A LOT.
Personally, I think they should cut some down and plant more magnoila but .. well, just my 2 cents...

As for Carib... notice the high down there seems to be oozing around and think the pattern might change in a week or so and could see maybe something.. not much mind you but something could form but... I have never been a big one to predict development in the Carib and see moisture streaming over to the Pacific. If the EPAC pops its 10 days or so before something will get going in our part of the world

In the Pines... in NC
Besos Bobbi


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