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Monday, May 26, 2008

From Kill Devil Hills... Watching Nogaps & Possible Tropical Storm in Florida to Kick off Hurricane Season

Okay... this is far from a sure thing but the GFS model has been hanging on to the dream of tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico for the last few days. Suddenly the NOGAPS jumped on board and I have heard whispers that the Canadian may also be looking south.

Nice loop. Watched it 50 times. I know that because it has this neat little thing on it that says "you have looped 50 times do you want to keep going" lol or something like that..

Notice the trail of moisture that goes up the West Side of Florida in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico... that would be similar to the path for the possible storm the NOGAPS wants to develop.

What I have mentioned and have been watching is the stream of moisture coming up out of the Carib being sucked north by the system that has killed many and destroyed so many homes along a swath from Oklahoma through Minnesota over the last few days. Where there was a strong high and dry air down in the Carib..there is now a stream of moisture that looks like a AAA Road Map for Tropical Trouble for the Florida Keys and the Naples/Tampa area to kick off the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season on June 1st. Far out still and that could mean anything from "some heavy rain" to a Tropical Storm or even a most, minimal hurricane. I only bet on sure things so ... I'm betting the sun will set tonight not on Arthur on June 1st but it begs watching carefully to see if the next few runs are consistent.

Boy...wouldn't the media love that! A named storm to kick off Media Week and hype the start of the hurricane season? would I. Forces people to remember that storms happen not only in September and to start thinking about their hurricane supplies and needs for this coming hurricane season. An ounce of preparation ... and that old saying any publicity is good publicity as we need to remember that there is a reason the season starts June 1st and not September 1st.

Love you all... have a longer response to global warming and the Twisters that I posted on early this morning. I am annoyed beyond words that so many good mets out there jump on the Global Warming band wagon every time there is some big outbreak and pretend that this only started happening the last few years. Yesterday's tornado outbreak had NOTHING to do with Global Warming which is climate related but with WEATHER and if you think strong outbreaks started since we had The Weather Channel.. think again... and check out the Tri-State Tornadoes that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about way back in the Roaring 20s..

It is as bad for meteorologists to try and grab headlines by screaming "Global Warming" every time something wicked this way comes and as bad as Accuweather trying to hype a hit on Rhode Island with some 15 day weird model of some Cape Verde Storm that everyone knows will re-curve somewhere near Hatteras. Seriously.. let's get real guys and girls and worry more on where we throw our beer bottles on memorial day weekend and making sure the Styrofoam cups go in the garbage cans on the beaches and not on some spate of beach where some little sandpiper does not want to dart in and out of people debris.. Let's get our priorities straight.

Twisters happen..that is why they are called "The Finger of God" and if a ships captain wrote an awesome description of some Category 2 Hurricane in his Ships Log in 1733 you have to take into consideration the fact that it may have been near an eye wall and the ship that went through the REAL storm that may have been a Category Five did not survive and his captain's log is at the bottom of King Neptune's Watery Tomb.

Love you all.. watch the models and prepare for some possible hype on the Hurricane Season big time if the model's verify and something named comes on the scene just in time for the Official Start of the Season..

Enjoy the pics from Kill Devil Hills... Besos Bobbi
Ps... I still think some remake of Alma with a slightly different past but who knows...


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