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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cry? Donate? Give Thanks We Live Here in America and not in Myanmar

A few things to say tonight before I try and find something else to talk about ... perhaps the political drama that is making a horrible situation worse if possible as the Military Junta that terrorizes the region refuses to let aid in from unacceptable sources.. IE America, the West... any place but there. Hard to believe in this Global Village we are trying to build that a group of soldiers and military police that rule a country would refuse help to save the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who will die if they do not receive help. Injured survivors in shock, starving to death and deprived of medicine and supplies or even just enough food to help them make it through the long, dark night of recovery that will include famine and pestilence.. disease and contaminated water, food... homelessness.

It's sad... The Sun says that up to 500,000 could die when this is over. Half a million people gone ... Hard to believe. Enough to make a grown person cry if they stop to think of all the lives, all the people, the families, the babies, the old and injured that are being left out of the loop because so far they have been denied help.

Yes...they may let food in, they may let people help but as every day passes more people will die and the death toll will climb higher and the few children who were lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time and survive the storm and be delivered to a safe place to rest will grow to be the future of that country. Slowly, some help will trickle in.. but will it be in time to save another 100,000 people from dying?

It's like watching some historic tragedy you only read about in history books... Pompeii or perhaps the destruction of Atlantis for those of you who believe.. Krakatoa, The San Francisco Earthquake, the Biblical Flood for those of you who believe. Many of you don't know about the 1933 Yellow River Flood that when all was said and done killed 1.3 million and possibly even 3 million. Yes Virgina.. disasters happen... both natural and the not so natural like Hiroshima. It's a scary world and back in 1933 or when Krakatoa blew you couldn't Google it or read about it on Drudge or watch it unfold on the nightly news.

Now... we are all so connected and as a sinkhole grows in Texas and a volcano blows it's top in Chile we wonder what is going on in the world that the world seems to be convulsing at all it's corners at once know that over and over in history dramas like this have played out over and over. Sad but true... makes you want to cry or wish you could do something to help.

Well...Google has a way so if you feel you can help feel free to go to and click on the link below the search bar. This is the world we live in ... where people who care and don't have a lot are willing to share what little they have to try and help someone's pain so far away on the other side of the world. Be glad and give thanks we live here..not there.

List of natural disasters people over time...

Amazing the juxtaposition of news stories.. In Chile a group of people have gone into abandoned towns to try and rescue pets that were left behind when families had to flee the recently erupting volcano. Yet, in Burma... as I like to call it still we cannot seem to drop food and medical supplies to people and children who will die without it. What a world.

Read it and weep..

Go ahead and cry if it helps.... great song, great singer, sad that one beautiful lost soul could touch so many people and yet not save herself... poor little Capricorn Janis... man could she cry .... wow could she sing..


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