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Monday, March 17, 2008

Windy Night Brings Musical Memories...

The Jimmy Buffett I remember.. wasn't he "cute" :)

Windy here tonight... sounds almost like a tropical storm at times... only at times, but it takes you places to the past and to the future... to dreams caught in the wind like tumbleweed rolling down Interstate 10 on it's way from Phoenix to Tucson and places in between.

A car riding through the desert at night and the stars twinkling bright in constellations that configure the sky with neon fantasies like glitter tossed into the air by a muse to inspire the simple poet driving along from point A to point to B and wondering about point D.

Sitting, huddled behind the Newport with Sharon being sandblasted by salt spray and sand blown in our faces by Floyd, racing past us on it's way towards destiny with another lover in another land who didn't want him any more than Miami did..

Driving back across the 79th Street Causeway, after some prom... flying through the night swerving with the road..

So many roads...

Driving fast with Yaffa across 126th while listening to Herman's Hermits while I kept trying to remember Peter's name but he had no name.. it was Noone, no one, just Peter, Peter singing Herman's Hermits and little ole me thinking "oh lord, they aren't watching the road but watching me.. " and still wondering how we didn't crash that day while I stared with writer's eyes and giggled and for once was quiet alone with my thoughts and no one just Yaffa ... swung right onto Biscayne Blvd, one of the greatest roads ever ...

An argument on a rainy, wet beach with Australian Pine Trees standing tall like guards watching over lost lovers and tears flowing down someone's face but they weren't mine... I just stood with writer's eyes watching the moment partially detached and partially in it.. the way I spend most of my life in the most important of moments, picturing it like a scene I will write over and over from different angles while the rain poured down faster than the tears fell from his eyes but he saw the future and that was why he was crying... but all I saw was his eyes filled with tears.

Biscayne Bay from 15th Road with my cousin on his bike, riding double, the wind tugging at the bike and living in the moment .. or driving up and down Main Highway with the same cousin, late at night, fast, taking the curve around the bend down Old Cutler Road...or another night when Leslie said she didn't even know there was a New Cutler Road and we laughed and drove on towards Cocoplum.

Windy memories sprayed across the pages of my life...

Up and down the Intracoastal..
Up and down Pacific Coast Highway from Long Beach to LA
Up and over Signal Hill and back..
Up and down Biscayne Boulevard at night in the 80s, around the Miami Marina and back across the Venetian Causeway, fast through the decal lane..
Out Coral Way watching the sun dance in and out of the Oak Trees...
Ventura Highway in the moonlight..
Mulholland Drive, any time, any day, any night..
Coldwater Canyon, taking the turn..
Up and down A1A
All the roads of my life...

And, music playing somewhere on a radio, an 8 track, a CD player or an Ipod..

Windy nights... Jimmy looked a lot like this the first time I really saw him... and then, driving back from the Gables after a late night dinner somewhere out on US1.

Listening to the wind and wondering where it will take me down the road..
Miami... a beautiful city, seen from the Venetian Causeway, another road I've traveled, all purple and lit up and twinkling in the night.. Could I leave it? Of course, don't be silly... just don't look back and keep on going, new roads, new highways... new memories.. Only the dead stand still, life is about living and traveling new roads and making new memories.

Besos Bobbi

Ps.. I remember a time when the bay there was filled with shrimpers shrimping in the full moon over Miami.. memories wafting through time on a tropical breeze in the middle of the night..


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