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Friday, March 07, 2008

Things to Say... Please pay attention

To all my friends... sorry I have been a bit AWOL these days but I am busy with work and some family issues... some good, some sad (my sister-in-law lost her mother who was like family to us and been busy with shiva...) and life... and gosh I miss football and gosh I miss hurricanes.

This is the quiet time... you read up on other things, lead a semi-normal life and know that soon May sneaks up on you and you get that fever ...the real fever, hurricane fever that is trust me WORSE than Fever Pitch fever and that is pretty bad and things get crazy. Sort of for now I look and act like a sort of normal person and then the season starts... batter up, first advisory and everything gets nuts all over again.

Wherever you live in Hurricane Country... your eyes turn towards the south, east south east and you watch every wave.

Unfortunately there are no waves to watch right now but there is a lot of really bad news out of Israel and watching websites filled with blood soaked bodies, clothes, prayer books and garments ripped with bullets stained red that belonged to young boys learning biblical texts. Not biblical texts of hate but texts that teach a world of laws that apply to how man treats his fellow man or woman. This is the legacy of Torah... the idea that you treat your fellow man or woman the way you would want them to treat you, to treat their belongings with the same respect (do not steal) and protect boundaries our society needs. God by any name ... even a great spirit in the sky and people here on earth who are either respectful towards others or not, those who respect life and all it's beauty and those who don't and only respect those who live the way they do... pray the way they do.

We all have choices in we live our life and what we respect.

Some who are like terrorists lash out at whoever gets in their way and break up people's lives, shatter their dreams and then they move on.. respecting no boundaries except their boundaries and what they need in their life or what they want... seeing things from their own point of view, like a terrorist who bombs a school or building of God and learning... or a bomber who bombs a building just to make the evening news and bring attention to his cause or...........someone who is hurt, vengeful and does something that hurts someone else because he is hurt...

The Torah.. the Bible.... they teach us to respect others and not to break their things, destroy their lives and to respect boundaries, respect people and to let the will of God.. karma work it's way out.

As Fitzgerald said so well in The Great Gatsby, "they were careless people, Tom and Daisy--they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made..."

Always wonder on couples who stay together who don't really love each other but seem bonded by money or misery who are anal and do not wish to give up what they hold in their hands to reach out to get something else and yet are envious of those who try to do so..

So.. in the spirit of the day I am asking anyone reading this to please think twice before you invade someone else's personal space, their lives, their belongings and BACK OFF because when people do that.. in the end it comes back to bite them in the ass and they gain only a Pyrrhic victory... you win the battle and you will lose the war.

Big weather going on today... somewhere there are talks on football trades, spring training, new projects, spring, life... and what will be will be..

Besos Bobbi
Please I am begging... let things work out as they are meant to be and do not harm .. let life flow.

Good Shabbos


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