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Friday, February 08, 2008

The World Is A Wacky Place Lately

Sort of like a carnival whirling wildly in space... maybe silently but oh so fast.

I fell asleep way too early and woke up way too early and can't fall asleep because every cat in town seems to be making out or breaking up with a fellow cat just outside my window sill. I had weird dreams... I get trying to lock the door in the old house and there was no bar to put through the lock. Did the old old house have such a bar? Probably, who remembers... okay my kids probably do, my ex-husband probably does. I think sometimes it used to fall out... a crazy door from 1926 that some new owner finally replaced. Odd size, not to conformity.. like our lives lol. The door was wide, tall, rounded, had windows... but it made it through Hurricane Andrew pounding on it with winds slamming into it from the East...

Anyways... so I wake up... can't get back to sleep. Decide to have some tea. (Rolling eyes, making a face..good old Harvey remedy) and I open up the cabinet in the kitchen and a little bag of Sleepy Time teabags falls out onto the counter. I never use it. How it got there I don't know. Or why it fell out like that but it did. They say when Angels are nearby a feather falls to the ground. Sells a lot of books and magazines but... don't think so.

Giggling...the newspaper just got thrown onto my lawn. Must be a present from Clark, special delivery. Surprisingly it didn't hit me in the head.. ha ha missed me :P

So... I made the Sleepy Time Tea and I still didn't go to sleep. I suppose a good adjustment would help ... back, neck, attitude?

I'm going to work on my novel this weekend and or finish the 1926 Hurricane article.
That's my goal. Stay on track. Maybe give myself the Presidents Day Weekend to finish the article and get busier on the novel.

I miss the hurricane season... I miss winter... I miss Santa Monica Pier.
It was always the easiest place to disapeer to in LA... the end of the road, off the road, over the little bridge thing to the Pier... the city simmering behind me in the hot July sunshine... steamy, hot, baking. Gosh how I missed Long Beach, the cool mornings, the purple jacaranda blooms against a gray quiet sky. The late night and early morning low clouds and fog. Signal Hill and the view from it. Bixby Knolls and all of it's silly little dips that made the cars break faster there and the Euclyptus Trees.. I was so happy there.

Anyways... what is going on in the world today?
Crazy people going crazy and losing it... my nephew's school was in lock down yesterday as some child lost it... tried to hurt everyone. He's okay, he's fast... probably will seal his ticket out of there next year to a different school, worked out well for him.

Headlines of the day...

According to Yahoo news people went crazy all day... they lost it in court rooms, business offices, took people hostage.. little people losing it in big ways.

Romney pulled out. I mean... days, weeks, months went by and everyone waited but yesterday Romney pulled out.

Fell asleep, woke up and texted my friend the following question: "Anyone else drop out?"

Big planets changing signs... everything crammed into Capricorn and Aquarius. Too much for the world to take I guess.

And, Atlantis blasted off... I didn't even realize it was on the launchpad or as Leslie said years ago... "I didn't even know there was a New Cutler Road!" Oh, I miss her, I should call her.

Where has my mind been the last few days?? Well, it will rest a bit now I hope. I could use the rest. Lord knows.... seems like every member of the tribe are going descend on me for Passover and I may seriously hit the road jack for the last days. I mean... if Moshiah is going to come on the last day of Pesach... where would I want to be to greet him?

White Street Pier? Top of La Concha? Moshiah Seudah...

Anyways... the world is a whacky place right now. My suggestion to you all is to lay low, hang back, relax, take a time out... inhale deeply the scents you love, listen to your favorite music, paint a picture, draw a scene, write some words of wisdom, dream a little dream of me...

Besos.. Bobbi

a bit scary in ways but very good song, good movie, good to watch ..the mind is an amazing thing... better than an IPOD.. you just have to give it time to find it.. or let it fall into your lap on youtube.


At 11:44 PM, Anonymous rivka@israel said...

its is really good written text. as for your sleep-you can not sleep becouse you think. stop thinking) i am serious. concentrate on images that appears in your closed eyes, but not thoughts.


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