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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Vicious Weather... Happy Rat New Year!

Vicious Weather indeed (rolling eyes)

I'm sorry but when I wake up in February and it's 70 degrees outside in Miami and humid I want to hunt down that creepy little hedgehog and blast him with a shot gun right between his beady little eyes!

So I went to Drudge... wanted to see what Ole Matt put up this morning.. Nice picture, very nice. Thank you. You win in the picture category.

Years from now there will be some article about me somewhere and I will be quoted as saying I only read Drudge for the pictures and for the music :P

He's still not dead... Castro is still alive. I mean did this man sell his soul to the Devil or what?? There is no way that this is normal.. what does he not understand about moving on and coming back next time as Obama's baby or perhaps Maria Shrivers grandchild? Maybe a Lubavitcher ... the beard has strong karma you know? And, yet CUBA has universal healthcare. People are starving to death in rice an beans but well... if they make it to the hospital they do get taken care of and not put out on the street to die.. around the globe.

There is volcano erupting in South America.
There are tornadoes in the South... part of America.

It's 70 degrees in NY today... forget that thought of jumping on Jet Blue and surprising the kids in NY and cooling of... noooooo maybe San Francisco. IF you ever want to cool off.. Northern California is the place to be... any time of the year..

So..............what can I tell you today except go eat Chinese, pop open a fortune cookie and wonder on what weather will be like in the Year of the Rat and hope that is not a political comment on this year's election.

By the way..........I caught Michael Moore on King last night...half asleep and forcing myself to stay awake. Good news old friend..that stay in Miami at the spa must have helped, he's looking good. And, one of the most logical clear headed speakers I have heard speak in the last few days on the elections.

Go figure that one... really. Calm, mature, quiet... thoughtful.
Wonder if he's taking Kava Kava or Passionflower Tea?

Smile... gotta go as Sharon says... the coffee is getting cold and I have to go figure out what I am wearing to work today ..on a day when I want to hit the road and go find my life.

My Life... me, myself and somewhere... well...

chow for now Bobbi
(i don't care if it is spelled wrong it looks better)

Another man of many hats...

okay it was a great cd... need to go dig it out of my closet and find it from wherever i threw it when last annoyed at someone


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