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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday Twister Outbreak

While Hillary and Obama fought for the lead in the Democratic Party and McCain marched on towards a nomination in the Republican Party both Huckabee and the Twisters took the South on Super Tuesday.

Where was Superman?
Well.. he may have been there helping those students in the dorm that collapsed .. either Superman or angels because that's pretty miraculous.

You have to understand that Winter is NOT Twister Season and many were caught off guard by the extreme intensity of the Twisters as well as the number of them on the ground.

I'm sure Senator McCain who was still giving his victory speech knows how the residents of those towns feel as he was caught off guard by Obama's need to go on the air live without waiting for McCain to finish his speech. That is how the world of politics work by the way... millions of dollars of free air time was lost when Obama (who had to have known McCain was not yet done) decided he just HAD to go out to his public and speak without waiting. They always wait. It's about giving people respect and acting a bit humble even when happy over winning so many states. It's about not stepping on your fellow candidates and depriving them of millions of dollars of free air time on Super Tuesday Night. Manners is something I don't want to change and neither is class. It was extremely disrectful for Obama to start his ralley and speech before waiting for McCain to end his.. a speech he had barely started.

This isn't about politics and I am not supporting Huckabee or McCain by mentioning them and there is much about Obama to like but he obviously needs to understand more about how the system works on Super Tuesday and give more honor to his fellow candidates. Only then can I consider voting for him... and McCain deserved to finish his speech. McCain, who I might not agree with on many things is an honorable man.. and he was blindsided and is owed an apology.

Sadly, Mother Nature gives no apologies and we just have to hope that as the day progresses and the weather heats up out there that there aren't more twisters yet to descend upon the South.

The politicians may have left town but weather stays and remains and it's looking nasty out there on the National Radar.

Good luck.. stay safe and my deepest sorrow on the many families whose lives were ripped to shreds last night on a Super Tuesday that will not be remembered for one clear cut winner but losses of life in Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi. Over 60 touched down last night. Over 45 are dead and that number will continue to rise.

Remember to keep your weather radios on alert mode at ALL times, not just when you expect nasty weather because Mother Nature doesn't play by the calendar rules.

More later..
Be well... stay well and safe, Bobbi

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