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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Quits... McCain that much closer to the nomination

So... Romney quits, pulls out, bites the dust. Makes a fiscally responsible decision that he cannot win it and not worth investing his entire fortune on a bid to run for President.

Either people want you..or they don't.

That's just the way it goes...

Personally, I think he should try to end that writer's strike and add that to his resume and maybe... just maybe.. one day he can return and run again. Or not.

Enjoy your money, your life... you gave it your best shot...

Gee... who knew Ann Coulter and I might end up voting for the same person??

Then again... I like McCain. Eat your heart out Ann Coulter. He is a class act.. which is obviously something you know nothing about...

What a day in politics!

Happy Chinese New Year... and .... somewhere over Austraila the sun was eclipsed by the moon!

As I said earlier in the week. The big winner this week has been Huckabee because... against all odds, he is the only candidate with delegates of any measure running against McCain and he has nothing to lose by staying in the race.

And...................he more than any other republican CAN deliver the South!

Think on that..

And, another ones gone and another ones gone and another one bites the dust!


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