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Sunday, February 03, 2008

MacArthur Park

no...this is not an ad for McCaine, I mean McCane, I mean.. .well you know how I mean.

This ones for you... Sunday Nights not the same without you..

You expected some sappy romanticized version of bells and cherry trees ... no.

My cake is melting and I don't think that I can take it and I may never have this recipe again... but... I'll open a new cookbook, a new window... a new day, a new world. So the 72 Dolphins will share their place in infamy with another team, life will go on but it's still not Sunday night without you... take care of yourself and those you love (as you do) and can't wait for next year's hurricane seas... I mean football season.

Oh what am I going to do until Spring Training starts (promised to take Zalmy to a game) and... seasons turn... spring, summer.. and FALL again...

smile.. rolling my eyes


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