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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ground Hog Day! More Winter...

My brother Jay loves that movie... gotta love a weather movie!'s that part of the winter I hate. You realize there are only so many more cold fronts that will make it down all the way to South Florida. You miss the concept of winter even though you really don't have it's still on the Calendar. The wintery scenes of January and February. Some cold weather scene that looks foreign in Miami.

And, it's so uneven this year. New York City barely had snow yet the Far West was buried under it. My son in Postville and his wife are sick to death of snow but waiting for Spring and Summer. My daughter in Ottawa is "enjoying" her first winter in the capital of Canada. The Miami part of the family is hoping it doesn't get too hot today. Or... maybe I'll go to the beach and enjoy the heat if it is hot.

But..yet the little groundhog saw his shadow and yes...Virginia there is another 6 weeks of winter.

Candlemas... more winter.

Maybe I'll go to Pier One today with Sharon and buy more candles.

I'll light a candle for the Fins to keep their perfect season and New England to lose and the Giants her FAVORITE team will win.. even more favorite than Brett Favre Green Bay... and no matter how much I LOVE the Red Sox.. I seriously dislike the Patriots.
Even without the whole perfect season thing..

And.. well maybe if the Pats do win (haha I remember THAT screen name.. not much I forget) even if they do win.. will be a sign, like Venus and Jupiter up in the heavens this week dancing, like Pluto moving into Capricorn... a sign of change, a new window on the world....a new order to life.

All things change and whether the Dolphins are the only team to have a perfect season or one of two.. it is still an accomplishment that will be remembered forever.
And, we did it with players out that were injured and a good part of the season we had the back up quarterback playing. That was a no excuses team.. a great team and it was fun to be growing up as a kid during that whole era...

Happy 6 more weeks of winter.

After today I become a real BITCH I warn ya...

No hurricanes for months to come and no football and well Sundays without football are not just the same. Yes, Spring Training is coming... that makes me think on things I'd rather not think on today.

Gotta go... have a good Sunday.

Love to all my friends and anyone who surfed in.

Yaffah, I miss ya. Back at ya! Bobbi


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