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Monday, February 04, 2008

Good Morning From Perfectville!

The sun rose this morning and Miami woke up to a mauve sort of sunrise... sort of partially gray and partially colors of the inside of a conch shell. And, Miamians smiled. Because they still live in Perfectville. A very unperfect paradise that holds its place in history as the owner of the Perfect Season, perfect memories, a perfect 1972 (and 1971 wasn't bad either) and our own little crazy place in history.

Football is about drama. Football is a team sport. It's not basketball, where one player can make or break a season. Not even a broken leg by the great Bob Griese stopped the 1972 Dolphins from going all the way... they went all the way with Earl Morrall as back up quarterback! ALL THE WAY. (Is that the greatest phrase ever used ;) all the way... all the way to......victory, to the end of the road. Otherwise.. it's like stopping at Annies Beach and not doing the whole drive down to Key West to stand at there on Whitehead Street and know you are at the end of the road, end of US1.

The Giants are a good team. They deserved to win. IF any team could win it would be the Giants.. as their fans in Miami have told me all week "they never give up"

And, as Sharon pointed out to me... Earl Morrall, the man who brought us the Perfect Season was a New York Giant before... he was a Dolphin... so... here's to you Mr. Man of the Morning... a pre-destiny link to one of the greatest games in Super Bowl history. Karma... gets you every time... coincidences in the game of life.

I didn't want to believe it, can barely remember most of the game. Watched and peeked like a child watching a horror movie that you know probably will have a happy ending, if the giant dinosaur doesn't destroy the whole town, carnival and walk away with the heroine in his mouth like a stolen Oscar or well... anyway. You know what I mean. You know the bad guy is going to get it in the end, you know but while you are watching... hard to believe every last man standing isn't going to give it up and die.

What a year, what a season. One of the worst times in my life I can remember for being a Dolfan. I mean.. seriously. This season was like an exercise in misery, a lesson in losing, a test to see how much of a fan you really are... what you are made of... a lousy, lousy year and that one win felt like we had won the Super Bowl, was silly but good. Watched online with my friend, great game. Almost as great as that middle of the night win the Red Sox had on overtime, extra innings, whateva..

So... going to post few lines and smile my way through the shower. Going to take the coffee into the shower. Ever do that... sort of good to the last drop, all that water falling over your body and sipping coffee, the end all total WAKE UP of a true coffee lover, shower lover, dolphin lover.

Okay... so staying on topic here...

As Jimmy Johnson, one of the GREATEST coaches of all times (take that Gatorville) it is all a matter of perspective. One minute you are on top of the world, the next.. it's as if you lost the whole season. Or as my brother Jay wrote me this morning... funny how in the year where the Dolphins felt like the biggest losers they wake up feeling as if they won the Super Bowl and the team that should have been (never say should) should have been the ones to win and steal the Perfect Season away from the Dolphins with one loss... ONE... feels like they are the biggest losers. And, the 2007 Miami Dolphins had only ONE victory this year ... yet thanks to the wonderful Giants now feel they too won the Super Bowl, again and again and again.

Got to go... last thing... make sure you listen to Jim's interview with BILL PROENZA and webcast online at He has it up online and it's worth the cost to subscribe, it's worth the chance to support one of the Miami Dolphins greatest fans... cause Jim is... a great guy and a great fan....

Oh weather and football, weather and football...what am I going to do for the next few months? straight from South Florida.. from Perfectville

Love you all... a special link to a special scene for a special friend who loves this stupid (rolling eyes) movie soooo much.

Good story on the Super Bowl...
Yes.. if you are a Miami Dolphin or anyone who has ever loved the Dolphins or a Giants Fan or an Earl Morrall fan lol... you woke up today the happiest person in the world even if... its still gray, there are still bills to pay.. it's a wonderful life...

Good Morning America... I love you and I love the Giants!
Always.. Bobbi


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