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Friday, February 08, 2008

And a baby survived...

.... his mother killed in the Twister.

The baby was found lying in a field near his mother and is now held tight in the arms of his grandmother.

Like a rag doll tossed high in the air and somehow surviving.

Twisters.. finger of God or of death or whatever you want to call it but despite the 50 people or so that died... somehow this baby survived the Twister.

Life does go on... and you gotta keep moving no matter what life throws at you.

Weather... it can be calm, serene and silent or a deadly freight train racing through your house, exploding it into slivers of wood and fractured memories tossed about like confetti on a wild winter today. Debris falling from the sky in bits and pieces instead of snow falling softly in the gentle night.

May you all be blessed with the weather you love the most today and this weekend.
Good Shabbos! Bobbi


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