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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Windy and Wild in Miami

The wind is howling tonight. I heard what they said the gusts are but... I don't believe it. I want one of those little wind meters Jim Cantore has.. because it howled a few times and it rarely does that at gusting to 23....

Coldish but not freezing.

Green Bay lost.
Brett Favre looked frozen and funny during that busted turn over where they got the ball back. Unfortunately, they didn't score... Can't imagine how anyone can play in that game. Nuts.. really. But, Giants won... can't see how they could possibly beat New England but if they did.. telling y'all here and now... I will be a Giants Fan for the rest of my life! On record.

Not on record... watching youtube and telling you THIS would be more fun to do as a remake than the 3 stooges or .... Harpo and her/his brothers, wierd blonde poochie wig.

People want "fun" unless they want action and adventure movies.. but they like buddy movies and this is the biggest buddy movie of all.

Hey.. what do I know??
Well.. I knew the first time I saw it.. it was NOT filmed in Miami. Nope, in the famous words from Operation Petticoat paraphrased... Miami doesn't have anything like this... (mountains off in the distance on the beach.. duh.........)


Nite, from windy Miami
Is this a noreaster or something? What is going on?


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