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Sunday, January 27, 2008

On a tiny in home vacation

Will return when the pain in my head subsides, have had a headache for days... and sorry but the little blue pills don't work and the tylenol3 makes me itchy and listening to music from old movies like..

or this one.. God I love this movie!!

sort of how I feel... like the world is sort of sideways at an angle.

rained again in Miami in January..

I'll write about the new director at the NHC real soon, promise...

When the head ache goes away... wait, I think it might be going away.

We'll see soon.


There's no real football, no hurricanes... not new ones anyway but I am supposed to be working on the 1926 Hurricane Article... as soon as the pain goes away...

Miami, 1920s... see you later...

lost in the 20s... so I can do finish writing the article for Paul, don't want to diappoint him

Before... still roaring 20s..

after the Big Roar roared through as a Category Four Storm

Got to feel it to write about it...

See y'all later.. Mucho Besos Bobbi!

( i saw this on Broadway... yeah... mingle til they think you're single... as long as you come home with me........."


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