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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Florida Primary Results - Weather Wise

McCain or as some people I know think of him.. McCane won big in the State of Florida last night. A big win in a big diverse state with many serious issues and no denial on the economy or immigration issues. Lots of views on the war and military spending with all the bases and government offices down here. Lots of problems with mortgages.

So... McCain had a real major win in my opinion and Romney had a Category 4 loss if you as me... as he outspent McCain 10 to 1 and still came up empty handed. Nice to have money to burn... shame he can't donate some to hurricane research.

As for Clinton.. Hillary... she trounced Obama and I really find it ridiculous for Obama to complain he couldn't campaign and that he had poor name recognition. Few people on the planet do not know who he is and...he was the only candidate running ads on CNN constantly down here while he was.. not campaigning.

Hillary won the Latin vote, the soccer moms, those worried on big issues such as security and how an American President would deal with the world if we were threatened, not Obama's strong point if you ask me.

Expect Hillary to put up a storm of protest to get those votes counted at the election. At least half of them... or all.

Ridiculous that my vote should be disenfranchised because a few greedy politicians in the democratic party trying to make a name for themselves decided Floridians wanted to vote early. I'm sorry but I never got to vote on that so why should I get punished?

Keep watching... it's only going to get more interesting!

Besos Bobbi


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