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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cool Morning and Baby Weatherman

So...yesterday while talking to my son in NY he put his son who is my grandson (is that sooo cute, Bobbi is a Bubby.. anyways) so... know what he told me.

He told me it was a "Winter Day" and that there was snow on the roof and it was very cold and very windy!

So cute! He has... weather genes, they are showing. Somewhere in those little toddler Gap Genes are tucked away in the pockets... Weather Genes!

Can you imagine how proud I was.... my little weather man.

All I could think of was... (this is so sad that this was my thought)... staring off in a funny way like .... "Hope Joe gets that pleasure someday...." lol

Life... weather genes... whoosh goes the wind, gotta go.

Life is busy, not very wintery unless you consider the frigerator that is my library.
Taking tea. Taking coffee. Will go sit in the sunshine and watch the parrots. South Beach, not real, just like one big back lot with extras walking around fast to the sounds of parrots flying over head.

Later all...
Where's DJ?
How many days are there left til the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season?

Great song..


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