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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Been Busy...

Was busy with a wedding, daughter of my best friend Malka. Danced a lot. A lot.

Then something about a 24 hour trip to Key West.

Moved the library today... a few times.

Been a long few days.

I'll be back.

It's not like there are any storms out there... just a foggy morning in Miami, rained, then got warm.

Did you know the Galveston Hurricane was on Sept. 8th, 1900.
Jim is the most amazing source of information on hurricanes history anywhere.

besos bobbi

Ps..there we are.. Bobbi and her best friend, blondie... big blonde hair, so happy together, a lot of scotch and a lot of dancing ;) Great night, out door wedding on the beach with a storm chaser taking video and checking his anemometer ... peak wind gust 49 mph........... yeah, high wind warnings indeed :)


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