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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Writers Strike, Orange Bowl and Weather

The weather in Miami is beautiful. To quote Jimmy Buffett...wish you were here, or beautiful or who remembers.. I'm on my first coffee and it's not freshly ground because I don't want to wake anyone.

I mean blue skies, in the upper 60s at sunrise and already climbing up to the 70s as the bird chirps outside. I've noticed the cutest little bird outside my window every morning playing in the tree. Hit me finally yesterday, it probably has a nest in my eaves or something... but boy does it chirp pretty!

As for the Orange Bowl.. well let me say this about that.. it's a little less orange since last night's FIU game there!! I'm not sure what row seat 10 was in exactly, but I know where it is now and may I add here that I am very happy to know that it's heist will means one less sale of an "official seat" will not help contribute to the crime of tearing down that beautiful Rusty Bowl :) No, I didn't do that. I'm a Capricorn. Would a Capricorn do that? Kids with a lot of Leo in their chart would do that and some sneaky Scorpio thrown in for good measure. Whoever unscrewed seat 9 though I do want to thank them. Seems it's a Two Fer at the old Orange Bowl, once one seat is unscrewed the one next to it pops out..or so they say. I mean... kids.. funny how they put big time police protection on the seats when the Canes play but they underestimate those brawlin' FIU Panthers now don't they? So between giggling hysterically at some one's comments on how it's not "official seat" without that little plaque they are putting on there... some kid commented on how they were sure the grime on the sides, hardened piece of gum and someone's butt marks made it look damned official to them!! Hey, I was at Barnes and Noble last night. I do feel less angry though! Upset, annoyed and though I do not endorse stealing anything ever... I may have sat in that seat, who knows who sat in that seat over time and history, but it sure as hell will NOT contribute to the demolition of it's home. Sick, sick people. No love of history or for the people of this city, good Old Donna Shalalala going to bus kids up to CountyLine for hurricane games which the FIU kids like the idea of better than the Canes I bet and well really, as the saying goes.. Shame on You Miami who never took care of the place and let it get into that condition and let the Fins move to near Broward which is just across the drainage ditch in "Miami Gardens" and then the same City council that lusts after that humongous piece of property while at the same time complaining how no one wants to go THERE to THAT part of town for games. Yeah, I bet whatever gets put up there will have incredibly written advertising about the Miami and the beautiful area near the River...

As for the writers strike... may I offer my top ten list of things Writers can do during this dismal period of non-productivity and pensive boredom.

10. Work on Your Next Novel.
9. Find time to finally read all those books Stephen King has written.
8. Finally read all those books Steven has written under other names.
7. Get drunk and text Bobbi.
6. Get a job as a travel writer and use the travel as inspiration for your next script.
5. Watch General Hospital and start a betting pool on when they get off that island.
4. Go on Classmates, find old friends and make fake profiles, write them and see if they know who you are...
3. Wiki... it's a whole world where you can write forever on anything
2. Blog your problems away...use a fake name like Stephanie Queen
1. And, the number one thing to do as they say...go on Eharmony and sign up as fake people and make lots of profiles for Ted, Fred, Ed, Steve or Sam and do not forget Peter, play with it... see how funny and fake you can be and if you get bored on Eharmony gang..there is always Frumster... just know those bios have limits, you can only write so much.

Have a beautiful day but remember... no real writing!

Love and kisses, Bobbi
Ps... oh look, a new orange cushion...


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 3:52 PM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

Well gee whiz... I'll take a black V Neck :P

Of course I refuse to wear one that says "I LOVE PRODUCERS/DIRECTORS" because I just wouldn't want those words on my boobs, ya know...

spam that!


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