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Monday, November 19, 2007

Why I love football....

There's a much longer story as to why I love football. There's a beginning, many chapters along the way. There were some great players that even the best writer would have problems creating. Moments like Garo Yepremian's kick/pass attempt in the Super Bowl or the disbelief of a Miami coach when Buffalo had a snow plow come on the field and clear it (like Miamians knew THAT was an option???) or how you can get lost in it like a good ballet as it is all in the end good choreography.

Ian Smith has a good line in his book. A plan is only good if you stick to it.. or something like that. Paraphrase it any way you want but even words of a good script sound bad if poorly acted or said not the way the writer heard them in their head.

The words "I love you" by the wrong person mean nothing and they mean everything by another person. Well, they always mean something. Love is good no matter what right?

Don't know. A thought for another day.

Today, while I adjust to another win less Monday when the Dolphins just sort of lied down and stopped playing during the second half... I can smile at the infamous, memorable moments of the Browns game yesterday and look forward to seeing if Ricky can do it on Monday Night Football next week.

Great... really great.

Football is a lot like life.

A coach in anything... be it a diet, a little league game or the World Series provides inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. The Fins are getting about what I imagine Huizenga paid for... which is why we don't have the best and we settled and you know what happens in life when you settle... you get what you settle for...

song stuck in my head that says it all but doesn't tell the story...
life has no instant replays like football, it's why i love football


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