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Monday, November 05, 2007

Weather Round Up and Thoughts on the Writers Strike's an interesting article about how the Hurricane Season was pretty much a bust this year and how that raises the question of global warming advocates being wrong about future hurricane seasons producing storms all the way through the English Alphabet, Greek Alphabet and Morse Code Names...

Got to N with the help of some of the most pathetic looking sub tropicals I've ever seen and a few barely a storm a day systems.

In any other year back in the 80s we would barely have made it to H.

Noel was a winner however :)
The dollar amount from her shoreline spending spree has yet to be tallied.

Otherwise...winter is moving in. I am wearing long sleeves and freezing in my air conditioned office and though the sun is out.. I can't feel it. I'll go for a walk later and enjoy it some...

Jeans weather.. Not quite time to take out the Suede Boots but I can feel it coming.

Some "stuff" out there that people are trying to turn into the next named storm but.... well... drop me a line if you thin something is going to develop.. or post somewhere I'll find it.

Football Fever and the Pennant and World Series is over... and now...


It's Strike Weather it seems as the Hollywood Writers go on strike for the first time in 20 years and demand...well whatever they are demanding. Good luck.. Writers sort of live in their own world and make up their own reality as they go along...

One of those links provided by the great, amazing Matt Drudge

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said:
“Writers aren't exactly people...they're a whole lot of people trying to be one person.”

Trust me...that is so so so true... my question for the day is...

IF writers are on strike? Does that mean muses can take the day off?



turning head sideways lol waiting for an answer ;) lol


great pic.. love it..

where i come from its corn bread and chicken...
trying to make a living
and working hard to get heaven...
listening to Alan Jackson..
on vacation ;) today... giggle
pigtails indeed :P


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