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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things I am Thankful For....

My family... no pics, no words can describe them... I wouldn't even try.

My friends. I meant Sharon! MalKa! :P

My brother.. he doesn't come under either category he is Simply JAY lol.

Living here in Miami... being able to go out in the afternoon sunshine for a walk and in search of a perfect spot to have some coffee, read and warm up seeing how my AC where I work is colder than the temperature in Ottawa where my daughter is living these days.

So there I was yesterday, walking along, staring at the Palm trees dancing in the wind, people walking, hanging, looking great, happy... relaxed... the smells of all the great food from the restaurants, the smell of my great coffee...the parrots sqawking and I smiled and thought... this is almost as good as Key West, almost as good as the Riviera ... incredible, beautiful... and how lucky I am to be able to enjoy this place I live. Mind you.. I have lived a lot of places, a lot of beautiful places and I loved them all.

Parrots on Lincoln Road:

Good youtube video of the parrots!

Nice video.. I agree, best time.. early morning when it's quiet still

Cute... my life on any given day walking on Espanola Way lol
Well, I did always wonder what the rooms were like at the Clay. The lobby is nice.. nicer than this shows. It looks a lot like the Hotel in Laguna Beach :) Better rooms, better food ... ummm actually a better view.

I give thanks for Laguna Beach :)
Thank you my smilin' friend...

I give thanks for living in Long Beach (always and forever) and West Hollywood was fun too not as nice as those beach cities... you know like Torrance and Redondo Beach. And... hey.. I lived in NYC... Brooklyn, Flatbush Avenue... all the places I have lived and I have to tell you... always been happy in Minnesotta.. I should look for love there. But..seriously...

Giving thanks for my ability to find happiness where ever I live... the history, the weather, the people...

So....enjoy what you've got and if you don't got what you want.. get off your butt and go out there and enjoy life.

Love and kisses, Bobbi

PS...Thanks for the memories ;)

PS.. also I give thanks for this:


the what I really miss about LA is... 10 AM FOOTBALL GAMES!!

good movie lol (you win)

this is a cool CD.. I don't own it but he writes beautiful, haunting, intense music... met him on a cute place in sobe that changed hands and is not there anymore.. a shame... nice little cafe... but i am thankful for the many chances I had to sit there and write, relax... and hideaway ;)


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