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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still A LOT of Moisture Left in The SW Carib

Just a comment, just a thought. The thought lingers and nags at me.
I am a sucker for the Caribbean, it's the one area of the tropics I can never really figure. Yes... it's moving to the west or has but it keeps leaving behind moisture and the moisture seems a bit trapped down there as fronts move down, move off the coast, sail away...this little bubble remains down there in the SW Carib.

Thought it was worth mentioning today.

Something to watch out of constant curiosity.

Gotta to get dressed, got to go to work. Don't want to ... want to stare at the water vapor loop from the comfort of my chair here, half dressed and half awake.

Not ready to face the world today.

Went out partying a bit with my sister-in-law last night... she was my friend first before she married my brother. Had this really BIG, HUGE Grateful Dead drink. My daughter was right... tell the bar tender to make what they want and it works much better that way :)

Smiling, Bobbi
RSW... email me if u need
like u dont know that address directly lol


At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bobbi ... e-mailed you.

-- rsw


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