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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So... Wednesday..

Doing better today. Don't want anyone to worry on my account.

I would post a story about the man who developed the hurricane destruction rating system who died.. but felt one obit is enough this week. Will do a blog on it in a few days.

Doing better, a little better, as better as better can be when someone you've loved has died and gone away. Creep.

So... last night MalKa and I (smiling) ummm "talked" over a few bottles of extremely good red wine and remembered a lot of what needed remembering which both of us remember. Sort of like the old days, me and Malka talking, drinking, talking, drinking, atgeghkng, lag;a lol oh I love her. Nothing like some of those old talks over vodka or red wine with Malka. Got a lot out.

Went for a long walk on Ocean Drive today, stopped.. had some lunch, read my book, breathed in the fresh air and grabbed some sunshine.

So... upset but feel like I can function a little and a good cold front would be nice. Wish I could go up north for some snow. Really. Shame sandman doesn't do snowmen :(

But... watching this while I work and musing on my life..
Sort of sums it up. Gang of crazy people. A drunk texter. A Sex Maniac. A Holy Man and a Noble Red Man! Really, amazing how life imitates art and imitates life again and again.

Enjoy.. one of the absolutely greatest movies ever made.

Great scene.. isn't he cute ;)


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