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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Quick Thoughts on Tropical Storm Noel

I think we are watching the final showdown between Noel and a Frontal Boundary and it's interesting to watch as always. With Tropical Weather you win some, you lose some and you always learn a lot.

The track from the NHC has been excellent, the timing as usual falls short.

Heard to figure out that timing question, one storm speeds up, one slows down and one they get it just right.

Enjoy this link and watch the storm:

Heard it said on the news this morning a few times that Noel was one of the most deadly and destructive tropical storms around. I wonder whether they will retire the name.. probably, I wouldn't bet money on the track but I would bet money that the death toll is over 100 when all is said and done and the last bodies are found or accounted for as missing.

Beach erosion in Palm Beach has taken a big dollar and will hit them in many ways while they wonder on the ways they can stop this from happening again.

More later.. got to go to work. Got hair to wash, toenails to paint and breakfast to make. Took a long hot bath last night and when I got out of the bathtub I realized there was sand all over the bottom of the bathtub. Laughing, gonna go try one more attempt and getting it all over before taking a walk on the beach today at lunch.. one last time so I can say a proper goodbye to Noel.

Hello Winter.. hello cold fronts, goodbye Tropical Weather.

You know.. maybe now my life can go back to normal and I can move on and figure out the rest of my life. That movie Fever Pitch, lol... it's not really about the Red Sox as much as it's really about Hurricane Fever or the fever of Hurricane Season lol. A little birdie is singing in the wind this morning outside my window.. it's saying the games of 2007 are over.

chow for now.. Bobbi


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