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Friday, November 09, 2007


1972, Senior Year.. got to walk out onto the Orange Bowl for a Game with Miami High and proudly hold the banner which the football team ran through to go onto the field...onto the Astoturf and WIN.

Not only did the Miami Dolphins have a perfect season but the Miami Coral Park Rams pretty much had a perfect season as well.. what a year in sports history for me, my history.

So.. my brother called..upset, can't believe it.
Will process it later.
Have meetings to go to all morning.

Shabbos tonight.

Who am I?

I'm Bobbi, a Miami girl who wants her Orange Bowl back.

Who wants her Uncle Oscar back who took her to see rodeos and fireworks and football played at the Orange Bowl.

Very sad, very sad.

Opened December 10th, 1937... makes it a Sagitarrius and I guess Pluto is doing it's thing... blowing it up, or imploding it rather.


Really, really DAMN!


Greatest site I've seen around:


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