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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Noel Goes All The Way

What a storm.

Looked through old pics this morning of Noel. I remembered when I was standing on the beach watching the "high wind" from the "high wind warnings" and KNEW Noel was going to make it...going to exist, hang on and fight it out for bragging rights.

When you have been to the beach during storms as much as I have you can get a feel for the storm, every storm is different, something in the wind.. A burning intensity, a flash in the pan, fun but not the real thing, tenacious and hungry was how I felt Noel. There was a lot of talk about mid level circulations splitting off from the real one and the storm falling apart or weakening...meandering, losing intensity before getting absorbed in the cold front... etc... Knew this storm was going to be a biggie... had that hungry, compelling, intense, tenacious feel.

I was right. I also thought he might, maybe, could make hurricane status being so close at 60mph but never thought he would hang onto it for so long...or go so far.

So much for turning NE and racing out to sea.. this storm was a real Coastal Hugger and created havoc on shorelines from South Beach north to Maine and beyond.

There was flooding today on Sunny Isles Beach in some apartment building where water went into the parking garage, an apartment building up on Palm Beach is teetering on the edge of a new cliff carved out by Noel.. damage reports up and down the whole US coastline.

We are lucky this storm did not strengthen and turn into a Major Hurricane and take some Hurricane King like path or Donna path and mess up the cities as much as the shoreline.

So... now what?

Warm water and storms persist in the SW Carib where a Tropical Depression may develop later today.

Here is a loop, you can play:

I'm going out... too beautiful of a cool day to stay inside in Miami today. Not sure where I am going but I'll know when I get there.

As for politics.

Pakistan mess is a problem, I still say the Kurds and the Turks and Iraq is the REAL THING and Condi better figure out how to stop that whole area from turning into a 3 country war... or more countries involved and I say THREE because whether they are an official country or not..they should be, they have their own identity and a passion for their cause and America may not want to upset the Turks (which need us even if they complain a lot) and the Kurds could possibly do a better job of keeping terrorists at bay in Iraq than we can... Sometimes it's good for a country to have their hands full, and sometimes it's good for a people to have the rights to their own country. Kurds are interesting folks and they have been around a whole lot longer than the borders drawn up for Iraq by Western powers.

Check them out:

In my opinion Iraq is way too big of a country right now and cannot be controlled by any one group without the way it was done in the past. It is time to move on. And, in this age of Globalism there is within globalism an emerging sense of nationalism among small groups who want to see and get a voice in this new Global Village.

Europe Post WW2

Europe NOW

Middle East Now:

Middle East Soon:

Middle East... please note that the countries shown on the map up near Russia have changed, Europe has changed...why would we think we should keep the Middle East the way it has been just because we helped draw the lines a long time ago and why do we think we have the right to intervened? Oh..right...the air bases in Turkey that were needed way back when Stalin ran the Soviet Union and Nato and old time missiles vs new real time missiles... the world has changed... we are not it's policemen and we have enough to worry on in America right now..

Pakistan is an ongoing issue regarding terrorism that they are feeling and dealing with between groups for religious or moralistic reasons want to control every country..that is an ongoing issue in that region since time began.

The mess in Turkey and Iraq with the Kurds and the power vacuum created by our intrusion into Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction is a mess that can turn the whole area into a large civil war and finally tip the scales on over due change in that region.

Oops..Condi must have missed that class on power vacuums.. she should have spent more time studying Kissinger and the history of nationalism within ethnic groups who want their own say in the new world order.. and who have been oppressed way too long.
I'm not going to post the pictures of the children and mothers who will killed by Saddam, not today.. not this beautiful morning but... that was the real reason we should have gone in.. not for the faked up reasons and our need and greed for Iraqi Oil....

There was real genocide going on there... in a squeeze play between Turkey and Iraq going on... and the Kurds persist like Noel, tenaciously...

That is the real hot spot in the world right now because of our Turkey who no longer owns the Ottoman Empire is not a very friendly country... way too big for it's britches and too many alliances and a real powder keg waiting to be ignited.

Just my thoughts.. I do have a degree in International Relations .. it was one of my first loves and still intrigues me.

But... I'm going out for a while... read up on it, it is a story that is not going away... like Noel didn't go away so quickly.

besos bobbi


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