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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Malibu Fires and my memories.

Fires are burning again in Malibu. Does me in. Does an old friend in more I know but I loved Malibu and Trancas Canyon especially, love the way it ends there the highway and you could always run in and get something cool to drink and... well.. the Kanon burnin' now is so close to it. Pepperdine. Malibu always looked so gray. I loved it when it looked gray. First time I ever saw it, my then husband apologized for how gray the beach was.. I loved it. Miami never looked like THAT...

Links for info about the fires and video:

Speaking of gray, I am gray today. Shades of gray, lost in a fog and numb, very numb.
Just watching the world go by, hiding away, gray. I don't want to talk or hear people talk except for Sharon who knows more than words can say.

Harvey loved gray, gray pants, gray suit, gray car... the cats always looked gray too.

Pray the fires stop and Malibu can be gray once more.

and also ran... not CATS but he liked it a lot, i know, we talked a lot

bet you didn't find that in the top right hand drawer, was in my left one


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