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Friday, November 02, 2007

Hurricane Noel Races North, Miami Cools Off

Very nice temps this morning with a light breeze.. I can get used to this.
Can't wait for a cooler shabbos with the windows open and fresh air.
Just a note to say hello and not that Noel is still out there racing off to the NNE and still a Hurricane...80mph at 5am.

A lot on my mind, not in the mood to share as it is all stewing around a bit..when the gumbo cooks I'll offer you all some. Maybe. Need to finish an edit of an article for publication and really should spend my weekend on that before moving on to the really big article I am writing.

I don't think the purple pill works, I am glad it's purple... cute but I don't think it works as good as tagamet.... just my opinon here.

As for Shabbos... maybe orange honey chicken with sweet potatoes, orzo and some vegetable that looks good in the market. Usual suspect salads unless I get inspired between here and there.

See ya all later, Bobbi


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