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Monday, November 26, 2007

Hurricane Forecasting.. Not an Easy Call to Make

Okay.. this is pretty much on target and weather related.

It seems the people who predict the Hurricane Season and how strong or weak it will be are now under the gun for ... not providing us with a bumper crop of storms this year.

Boy.. you win some, you lose a lot.

What can I say? Bill Gray was wrong.
So was NASA and others who predicted an above average season this year. We did have high numbers but if you add in the factor of a bunch of weak storms that might never have been given names by other directors... you end up with a bunch of wannabees and two knock out Cat 5s that formed within a few weeks and hit the same area.. something not that rare as when storms form close together they duh...follow the same steering currents.

So... read, enjoy.. good article by Martin Merzer who does his best at the Miami Herald to keep us readers aware of all things tropical and topical...

Boy, you can't win for losing round here.. tough audience.

As for me.. personally, I am dealing as best as I can with the loss of someone extremely important to me who made a tremendous difference in my life and the life of my kids, my friends, their kids... I think there was a scottish terrier he or Jay worked on too lol. Oh my goodness, thank God I can still laugh. How can I not think of Harvey and smile. Course my kids are no longer allowed to rollerblade, go to rock concerts (NO MOSH PITS), be exposed to illnesses or hurt their backs or get migraines because Harvey is not here to make it better. And, in a few days I am sure I'll stop listening to Enya and CATS and Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals and accept the fact that this man is no longer here to make the pain go away.

Be patient with me.. Besos Bobbi


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