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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Connect The Dots

Well connect the dots and excuse me for whatever I forgot
to remember..

Been busy, been thinking... working, living..

No tropical weather to talk about and I heard there is a writer's strike so........................

Connect The Dots!

Watched CMA last night with my bro and was soooo good. Loved it!
Stayed on my diet too, no beer, no chili..
Amy's meatloaf and roasted chickpeas with chili salt!

Cool weather, great art show Sunday, great week and did I say beautiful weather?

Fat Smash Diet. Smash Fat Diet? Well..needed strict parameters.

New White Wicker Dresser just like I wanted.

Freezing from the AC being on high everywhere in Miami and it's cool from the cold front. Cold front = No Tropical Weather.

Kellie Pickler might not have won the horizon award but she brought down the house... and would bet she's going to be around a lot longer than the cute chick who is having one hell of a Senior Year.

My youngest daughter went to a rock concert... they are almost all grown up.

Gonna paint real soon... as soon as I figure out the perfect color.

Miami Beach is so beautiful in the warm sunshine, with it's cool breezes blowing and making the palm fronds fritter and dance and well..

Chow for Now.. Bobbi
Shabbos? It's tomorrow silly... work on your novel!

Wish I had video from last night's show.. am sure it will be posted somewhere...

old one but good... u get the idea

Nothing is as good as cute guys in jeans ;)

except maybe me :P


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