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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cambio Bracelets In Cuba Create a Storm

So... it seems that wearing a small white rubber bracelet in Cuba with the words CAMBIO stenciled in is more than a fashion statement.. it is serious enough of an offense for those teens wearing them to be rounded up and thrown into some detention area where they will be I imagine re-educated about the benefits of the revolution and given a harsh warning that the next time they do something as dangerous as wearing a cute little "statement bracelet" as they are called in the USA..they might get a one way ticket to the Isle of Youth.

Really sort of amazing and pathetic. Equal parts here with a piece of lemon on the side.

I mean they are running such a totalitarian regime down there that they are concerned with every detail of a good Communist Cubans life down to white rubber bracelets or...are they... AFRAID..

The Cuban government has for years been trying to convince North America that all the children of the revolution are happy, well adjusted and do not want any kind of Change... but the real story is the many underground groups and networked people who do want Change... some kind of change anyway.

Don't we all want CHANGE sometimes?

I know I do... Hell, I want one of those bracelets myself. As much as I hate the feel of the rubber "statement" bracelets...that one I would wear.

Change is in the wind my friends... Change as the Castro Brothers near the end of their lives and the weak wannabe replacements do not have the charisma or control over all the agencies they need to stop the tide of Change..

Eventually, Cambio will be like a storm surge, relentlessly moving towards the island, covering the low lying areas where people have needs that cannot be met forever by fear or being persecuted for speaking out... for speaking up or even for fear of wearing a little white statement bracelet with the simple words CAMBIO

This story is bigger than it looks, and I am sure there are a lot of Cambio bracelets hidden in private places...

Seems like if we wanted to start a war there we could drop white cambio bracelets instead of leaflets.. sometimes a word means more than a whole pamphlet..


Whoever thought this one up... good going, shows to the world how the Castro Brothers respond to even the slightest, quietest request for change in Cuban Society.

Good special on Cuba last night on C-Span, except that seriously...what would the little Cuban guy say except that everyone is happy, fat, healthy and happy on the island. Right, that's why people are dying to get off and would rather swim with the sharks than stay fat, happy and communist and would rather die trying to attain freedom.

Cuba is like Devils Island... hard to get off of ... but the currents aren't as cold or as strong as Castro's grip on free speech of any kind.

Have a nice day in freedom all of you reading this and wonder on why we need to go to Iraq to bring democracy to a country that is run by a dictator when we could save a whole lot of money and be much more Green here and just liberate Cuba if we need to save the world. Iraq yes..Cuba no?

Only a country that brought you the wet/dry policy would think that's normal or energy efficient. And.. what is beautiful about living in America is that I can write this publicly and not get hauled into jail for typing it or you reading it.

Enjoy our freedom this holiday weekend, give thanks that you are here and can wear the Statement Bracelet of your choice!

Besos Bobbi


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Thanks for helping us S. Floridians through another season....speaking of proud to be an american, seen this yet (from another S. Floridian):


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