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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Always On A Sunday...

So... going out today somewhere to enjoy the sunshine and cool temps.

No tropical development happening today unless you call those showers down near Central America tropical developments.

Miami is beautiful today, has been all week.

Football Fever yet I am taking the radio with me today... if the Fins start to win I'll find a TV otherwise... I'm out and enjoying the sunshine.

Did my hair. Gonna do my nails.
Read the paper, drink some more coffee and get going.

I did read Norman Mailer died. Very big in the literary world or the world of history where his period in history is analyzed. Great quote from online that shows the pen can be mightier than the sword "Mailer turned reporter to cover the 1960 Democratic Party convention for Esquire and later claimed, with typical hubris, that his piece, "Superman Comes to the Supermarket," had made the difference in John F. Kennedy's razor-thin margin of victory over Republican Richard M. Nixon."

I could write a long diatribe on Global Warming today, is it real or isn't it.
Being a good machivellian from way back my answer would be I don't care... if the result of the whole Global Warming Debate is that people begin to take responsibility for picking up their own garbage, littering less, worrying on things like "how much money does it cost for bottled water to be shipped to me" or "maybe I should wash a plate off rather than buy styrofoam plates to trash" or a tree isn't cut down or a forest isn't deforested.. then hey... Global Warming works for me.

Maybe the message is wrong but the response is good.

So.... just checking in and checking out.

Love you all but the reality is the Hurricane Season is pretty much over. Both tropically and football wise.

And.. last but not least, to a school who has given us so much in the world of weather, at least in wierd ways :)

Go Illini!

Big win there for the University of Illinois in their victory over Ohio!


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