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Friday, November 16, 2007

57 Degrees In Miami

Nice :)
Cold :)
Okay, it's not cold... it's "cool" and I am thrilled, happy and staring up at the blue sky and thinking how green everything seems this morning.

I can hear a train whistle off in the distance and oh how I love the sound of a train whistle.

Just going to say a few things here and wish my friends a beautiful weekend.

1... Thank you for the music, great music... even the windmill song you have sent before (smilin) was good... great really. The candy was fattening and am judicously enjoying it and sharing it..

2... When I get "breaking news" in my email in the morning the only "breaking news" I want to see is that Fidel has finally bit the dust and when the scheduled State Funeral is.. I'm sorry but I don't care about Barry Bonds! Don't get my hopes up here CNN.

3... The debate was interesting, sort of like Dorothy taking on the Tin Man if you ask me. Little Hilary has real passion there, Tin Man Obama looks a bit confused, is he or isn't he in favor of the licenses there? Hard to believe that he wouldn't be prepared for THAT question. Does the tallest man standing wins work in this case or does Hilary just need to get higher heels? Candies must make nice pumps.

4... Good Shabbos, making chicken, yellow rice and Israeli salads.

5... I took a survey game on eharmony and it said the date I would get married is July 10, 2010. Well.. if that's the case... why am I paying them good money every month? F that shit.. I should lay low, take a cruise somewhere and start paying them again around April of 2010 it seems :(

love and kisses, Bobbi
ps... the song popsicle toes is still stuck in my mind.. unstick it please!


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