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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tropical Storm Noel

The NHC upgraded the depression to Tropical Storm status this afternoon.

For anyone who is tracking or wants to plot on a map... or view the cords:

03 GMT 10/28/07 15.9N 71.5W 35 1003 Tropical Depression
09 GMT 10/28/07 16.2N 72.1W 35 1003 Tropical Depression
15 GMT 10/28/07 16.5N 72.5W 35 1003 Tropical Depression
18 GMT 10/28/07 16.5N 71.8W 50 996 Tropical Storm
21 GMT 10/28/07 16.8N 71.9W 60 996 Tropical Storm

We currently have a strong Tropical Storm .... that appears to be headed towards a date with a cold front that is not exactly zooming down Florida but sort of hanging there draped across the Northern Florida region which should kick into gear soon and move south. I'm a little skeptical. Trust me my electric bill would love the front to zoom zoom down but we are still in that time when fronts do funny things... they rarely sweep down but its possible.

Personally I would love a really good cold front vs the clean up and loss of electric a hurricane brings but I do not see how you easily ignore the nogaps, the ukmet and gfs in your pursuit of the GFDL which is what it would seem the NHC has done with this storm. It is way far from over and yet we seem to have written off Noel as a Bahamian Fish.

We are still south of Hispanola.. so if you all don't mind I am going to wait til we see which way he is really going before taking out my suede high heel boots and throwing out the water containers still under the sink.

Check back later for more info...

As for Fins.. can a city fire the owner of the team? Personally, the shit has to hit the fan sometime or another... you can't just go on and on and on and on and pretend this will all go away and its part of a long process of rebuilding the Fins.. they look much worse this week and last then they did four weeks ago. I'm as supportive as they get, I came home to watch them play... I love them, I do not love their owner who watches them with the attention span of a child who has a room full of toys and every once in a while he seems to take this one down off his shelf and wonder why it's broken and he forgot to get new batteries. I do not think Wayne has the passion of most team owners in the NFL.. and I think Cam is a few batteries short in the inspiration department.. I don't care about the little guys, I care about the Dolphin players who were all let go and are playing fine elsewhere, Lord knows you can take all the old players who are doing fine and dandy elsewhere and make one winning team.

Has a team ever been allowed to forfeit a season before? I think we are getting into new territory here....

So... I'll be back later.. in Red Sox mode here... but when the World Series is over... I'll be staring at the Fins and feeling weak, sad and some how angry and annoyed but not sure who to blame. Can we get Jimmy Johnson to pinch hit coach?

Later, Bobbi
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