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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tropical Storm Noel Strengthening, Tricks In His Bag on Halloween

Okay... the 8pm has come in and Tropical Storm Noel has strengthened to 60mph winds and is forecast to continue developing somewhat. I quote: "Some strengthening is possible during the next 24 hours."

They upgraded the forward movement from meander to a drift... (rolling eyes) and they call it north though I would call it NW based on visible imagery.

I think it's possible at this time for Noel to approach Hurricane status as steering currents are light and storms often continue to intensify when they drift over warm water with weak steering currents. I'm not saying it's a sure thing.. I am saying it's a distinct possibility.

The front has basically stalled for now.. eventually that should change and Noel will take the bait but for now.. he is drifting, which must be at least 1 mile per hour faster than a meander.

So... here I am in Miami, currently under a Tropical Storm Watch... watching Noel.

A nice pic from the beach before I left around 4pm this afternoon...

A nice pic of my sky just before sunset in Miami tonight...

As for the NHC... and Noel... for a Christmas storm it's doing a darn good job of doing the old Boo and Trick or Treat isn't it?

One last shot... my Jack O Lantern Noel Pic..
Please note that the western side of Noel has grown and he is more round, like a pumpkin :) and that western part of his is almost touching 80 ... even though his Lower Level Center is given as otherwise. So..that is the leading edge of the Weather Center... seems to me if Noel intensifies as Mr. Avila implies me may or rather forecasts him to.. we may soon have a minimal or borderline hurricane out there drifting around over warm water waiting for his frontal limousine out of town.

What a world... adrift in weak steering currents, I think all bets are off for the short term...

Have a safe Halloween.. hope y'all have someone you love at your side to share it with... life like kisses is best shared.



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