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Monday, October 29, 2007

Tropical Storm Noel and The Red Sox Rule

Okay.. I can't help myself, I am just so funky funny today. I am still in shock. Why? I don't know.. was so crazy back in 2004 and this time it was different. Maybe I just thought it couldn't happen twice so soon together or nothing could compare with that crazy year. I miss Pedro, love Johnny Damon... others who are gone and there was this new team... some old Marlins, other good players, a Japanese guy which in mind was there to fight whats his name who killed us with the Yankees... I don't know.. I just kept watching and watching in amazement at how good Timlin and Papelbom

are and just kept thinking.. "we really are the best team this year" but really.. I mean, really not gonna fold or well..

Dreams do come true.. they really do :)


So.............bare with me a bit here guys and gang until I get this out of my system .. and as my friend Jack Einhorn said.. which will probably be til the end of 2007 lol.. and considering you do NOT want to hear my views on the Fins...

He has such heart <3

Time to celebrate, all you other teams will have your day again.. but today, it's Red Sox Monday ;) Wish I was in Boston..

I mean what can you say about a pitcher with the greatest eyes who can pitch like he bought off the devil and dance like the wind ;)

Go Papelbom!

So... Noel is down there somewhere around Hispanola or as some lady on TWC used to say Tahiti lol and when he gets his a@@ off of Haiti we will see what we will see. I don't think it's over. I don't think it's gonna be so easy to track. I don't see the front of the year zooming down..

The front is pushing or sliding west to east more than NW to SE like a front in November might... not saying it won't come down but.. it might be a push me pull me sort of movement which shows up in those wierder tracks certain models showed yesterday and probably today except that I haven't checked the models because unless their names are Manny or Beckett I probably missed them somewhere.

For the best tropical discussion ANYWHERE on the Planet... and possibly the whole entire galaxy go to and watch Jim's Tropical Update which is sooo much better than the one on TWC.. and it's here, anytime you want it... and trust me Jim knows where Haiti is.. I have the napkin to prove it (giggling, a lot)

You want tropics? Go to or

Or just put up with me for a day or two here... oh and to a certain little Filly in the Holy Land .. am sending it out today, I promise.. sort of like a dove.. and if it brings me back a twig I am sending the whole flock ;) You Go "Girl" :P

Celebrate... come on, sing...

I'm so silly, anyone still here lol




with a

in the

equals =

(haha Ed.. I CAN DO MATH!)



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