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Monday, October 29, 2007

Time To Talk Tropics... How Close Does Noel Come to Miami? WPB?

Okay, I'm here... time to talk Tropics it seems.

I went on a history walk downtown with the incredible Dr. George only to be almost blown away on Flagler Street. The wind was so loud you could barely hear over it at one point. Gusty, coming and going... fast, furious and frenzied.

Something is going on here and it does not smell like a storm about to race off into the Atlantic. Apparently around Hole In the will recurve out to sea...

It may go off into the Atlantic.. but I'm just not sure this is going to play out normally.

Maybe that's because I haven't had a very normal day...

So... possibly in the morning there will be a watch, possibly it will reform closer to Bermuda...possibly the front will pick up speed and orient itself differently and zoom down the State..

Stay tuned, same windy bat channel, same windy bat place...

Besos Bobbi
(going to bed, I was up real late last night ... ya know?)


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