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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Time To Post Warnings or Watches For South Florida

It's getting silly... and I really do not care about the legal ramifications of whether some school teacher will be forced to drive to work tomorrow in sustained winds in excess of Tropical Storm Category because she has a High Wind Warning VS a Tropical Storm Warning.

The storm is drifting west, jogging west or moving west.. its going more to the West than we thought..

I just got back from Miami Beach... no one on the beach except for windsurfers and police... NO ONE.. I've seen Category 2 Hurricanes invite more people out to look... the waves are rolling in, higher than the highest high tide line and crashing over them.

This picture shows a wave.. what it doesn't show is there is a 3 feet drop or so down below where that foam is.. the highest waves are crashing up onto the little bluff built up from the erosion and the water/foam is spreading out on the little cliff.


I stood behind a little shack the lifeguards use to protect myself from the wind and rainstorm that had winds coming almost horizontal. My brother called me from Hallandale Beach and told me to the South (where i was) it was black.

Very black.. see pic:

Okay... let's get with the program guys and call it like it is.
Time to tell the truth, face the devil as they say..

People's lives are at stake here and worrying over the name game for tomorrow gets tired. Sometimes you call a Warning and nothing happens, give thanks, hang out with family and don't take a bus down to South Beach to work and find out at noon that the County pulled the buses because sustained winds were over 40mph and they shut down the buses stranding people. It happened with Irene.

Have we learned nothing?

Recon found the system moving more West and 2pm they went with it being a temporary jog. They have no way of knowing and telling you that "system" is HUGE and the front is not..

Eventually it will go out to sea.

Eventually it will be winter.

Eventually life will go on but for the next 18 hours there is a huge possibility that Miami and areas around here will be receiving sustained winds of Tropical Storm Force intensity but we are worrying about semantics and legalities.

Time to put up warnings of some kind other than "high wind" warnings.



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