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Sunday, October 28, 2007


And it's just as sweet the second time around!

Great lesson here for me... if anything I'm in shock and amazed, awed... they really did it. And, they swept it.. just like before, just like last time. Like it's NORMAL?? And, not at Fenway Park either... go figure that one?

I'm happy, amused and sort of numb, quietly smiling, letting it sink in...

We swept the World Series. AGAIN! Wow.

For all you RED SOX Fans... who want to buy something .. knock yourself out ;)
As for me.. I am going to wear the necklace tomorrow, again.. possibly the whole rest of the Year ;)

and gonna buy my son that wrist band he wants with his favorite player

Okay this is not the most tropical post except to say they broke in once to give an update. I don't see nnw movement... I see it meandering and more south than before and probably wnw and then nw and then who knows.. I think steering currents are weaker than the advisories are showing... time will tell.

I heard someone say tonight while being interviewed...the first time was for their parents, grandparents, great grandparents... this time was for them, for us... just because.

Best Closer in the World...

Unreal and true... it was all about breaking the curse last time, getting back after 86 years... of it being possible.

This time... was about winning the World Series and nothing else. And, a great team, cohesive team of funny great guys.

So.... teaches you a lesson, or me...that sometimes the Second Time around is actually better than the first time. Sometimes... good things can happen in life twice and they are just as good if not better the second time around.

So.... go out and grab your brass ring, catch your falling star and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

Wish I was in Key West tomorrow so I could have breakfast with the Breakfast Club over at Lulu's and watch Jack go crazy and look happy and well... he said not to worry, I can come anytime... he'll be celebrating til the end of 2007!

And, so will I.. even on my moody days.. I can smile and giggle..

Enjoy the pics... watch Noel.. let's see if he knows how to play the game.

Nite... Bobbi Sox :)

we won, giggling... AGAIN
ps... thank you Wayne for helping the Red Sox win :)

Noel who?


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